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EdTexh, the Educational Technology Exchange, connects schools and Educational Technology experts globally to boost innovation, improve technology use in education, and to enhance student learning

Find the Right EdTech Consultant to Meet Your Needs

What can an EdTech consultant offer you?

Educational Technology consultants help their clients better use of technology. This includes help with academic uses of technology, training, IT infrastructure, data systems, and auditing/planning. EdTech consultants work worldwide to help schools, districts, companies, teachers, leaders, students, and parents.

Why EdTexh?

EdTexh, the Educational Technology Exchange, is the first online directory of EdTech experts. 

With this exchange, educational organizations can find experts to help them based on specialty and geography. Consultants use EdTexh to showcase how they can help their clients through a globally recognized platform.

Thinking about becoming an EdTech Consultant ?

Are you thinking about expanding your impact in EdTech? Do you have opportunities to share your expertise and knowledge with schools, educators, and individuals around the world? It’s critical to organize your message, know your expertise, and hone your message to ensure you’re offering the best service possible to your clients.

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