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Thinking about becoming an EdTech Consultant?

Are you thinking about expanding your impact in EdTech? Do you have opportunities to share your expertise and knowledge with schools, educators, and individuals around the world? It’s critical to organize your message, know your expertise, and hone your message to ensure you’re offering the best service possible to your clients.

Do you have expertise in on our the EdTech categories found on our list?

Do you recognize that your talents could help a larger group of teachers, students, or parents?

Are you being asked by colleagues, other schools, or even EdTech companies to help out?

Do you have the desire to build something that will create a lasting impact on the field of education?

These are questions we as EdTech consultants have all asked ourselves…and we have answered yes to each of them because we know in our hearts that people need our help.

And there is a huge market for EdTech consultants worldwide. With millions of schools around the world, all of which are using technology to some degree, coupled with the complexity of tech in schools that is understood by few people, the need for external support is vast. Every region of the world needs EdTech consultation. This provides a huge opportunity for those how responded yes to the questions above.

However, to jump into consulting, full or part-time, you’ll need to complete a few steps:

  1. Know what you know – Do an inventory of your skill set around the categories and specialties in the EdTexh Educational Technology Consultant Categories list.
  2. Organize your materials – Put together the tools you use to help others, including resources, presentations, and examples of work you have done.
  3. Start your business – Identify a name and complete the organizational and financial particulars you need to start your business.
  4. Develop your collaterals – Build a website, develop your logo, make business cards, etc. all of which represent what you do and who you are.
  5. Promote yourself – Make a name for yourself through your networks and social channels so potential clients can find you easily and know exactly what you have to offer.
  6. Create connections – In EdTech consulting, business development comes most through relationship development and connections to schools and companies. Work your networks.
  7. Register with EdTexh – Showcase your business, your expertise, your work, your availability, and your connections through our EdTech consultants platform

In short, be organized and be intentional.

Contact us to learn more about our services for helping you get into the world of EdTech consulting.