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Educational Technology consultants help their clients better us technology. This includes help with academic uses of technology, training, IT infrastructure, data systems, and auditing/planning. EdTech consultants work worldwide to help schools, districts, companies, teachers, leaders, students, and parents.

Schools, districts, Education Ministries, and EdTech companies around the world have needs for educational technology expertise. EdTech consultation is available to meet these needs.

And EdTech consultants are available across geographies and time zones to meet client needs globally. They work on large scale projects or small tasks. Some work with several clients on a retainer basis, whereas others focus on single larger scale client needs. Regardless, EdTech consultants are available for client needs to offer specialized educational technology expertise.

Most EdTech consultants are former educators or tech professionals who understand the needs of clients in this field. They maintain expertise in the following categories:

Each of these categories has subcategories, where EdTech consultant further specify their service offerings.

EdTexh has developed an internationally recognized list of categories and specialties for EdTech consultants. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the list.

EdTexh was developed to make these connections between clients and consultants. We have developed the EdTech consulting categories list and built a platform around it to allow consultants to showcase their specialties. Clients can use the platform to find the right consultant who will meet their needs in terms of project, geography, and time.

CLICK HERE to learn more about EdTexh, the Educational Technology Exchange.