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Why Edtexh?

EdTexh, the Educational Technology Exchange, is the first online directory of EdTech experts.
With this exchange, educational organizations can find experts to help them based on specialty and geography. Consultants use EdTexh to showcase how they can help their clients through a globally recognized platform.

Regardless of geography, size, or sector EdTech is an area of needs for nearly all schools, districts, nations, and companies. Parallel to that, the EdTech consultant community is deep and broad, spanning EdTech expertise and global reach to meet every one of these needs.

However, connections between consultants and clients have been tough. Word of mouth referrals, business contacts at education events, or online searching has been the only ways for clients to find people to meet their needs.

Thus, EdTexh was born.

EdTexh, the Educational Technology Exchange, is a platform for consultants to showcase their expertise, location, and availability through our internationally recognized EdTech categories list.

With EdTexh, consultants have a unified location to share their information while potential clients have a single site to visit to find the right consultant to meet their needs.

But this begs the question, why put together potentially competing consultants in a single site? We at EdTexh believe that putting all consultants together, and offering outreach from a single platform, will develop business for all and ensure that clients get exactly what they need.

EdTexh does not take referral fees or percentages as we believe that the community of EdTech professional is one of mutual support and growth in desperate need of organization. And through the organization, we build the market of EdTech consultation and help eliminate the constant challenges faces by schools and companies around EdTech.

Together, through EdTexh, schools and clients will make strong connections and lasting relationships.

We at EdTexh do this through our platform, our list of EdTech consultant categories, and our outreach on social media to promote the consultants on our site.

We also believe in the consistent growth of the community, so look out for new service offerings and better ways to make those connections between clients and consultants.